Peek a boo, My name is Claire Horsten.

At the core of my being lies a deep longing for beauty and harmony. As a ceramist, I am a creator of forms, an artist who molds the earth into works of art that speak to the soul. My hands, connected to my heart, give life to clay, and every piece I make carries the energy of my passion and dedication. My training as an interior architect has sharpened my eye for the subtle nuances of space and design. I understand how the environment can influence the state of mind and strive to bring balance and serenity to every design.

My passion, burning like an inner fire, guides me on my creative journey. Every artwork, every space I create, is a reflection of my inner world—a world where beauty, harmony, and love are the guiding forces. I see myself as a creator, as we all are in our own way, a visionary, a soul who seeks to make the world a bit more beautiful through my hands and heart.  By creating ceramic lamps, I not only bring light to the space but also to the souls of those who behold them, with each lamp radiating the vibrant energy of my passion and love.

I will continue to listen to the gentle whispers of my passion, let my creativity flow, and trust that I will always find the way to manifest my deepest dreams. I am deeply grateful to be able to do this work and filled with apreciation for everyone who visits my website and admires my creations.



picture by Sacha Kleinblatt